Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Here we listed the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World. listed the bases of high crime rates. San Pedro Sula, Honduras is top of the list and Baghdad, Kabul, Karachi are also in the List.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

10. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

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Caracas is The Capital City of Venezuela. It is presently facing a crisis involving drug gangs. Street crimes such as muggings and theft are also common, making this an undesirable destination for most tourists. Many other cities in Venezuela also have high crime rates.

9. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

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Mexico Facing the problems with the drug trafficker and Ciudad Juarez is one of the nations most violent cities right now. Police are often employed or paid off by drug gangs, which means that many crimes go unpunished.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa. It is the capital and primate city of the Western Cape province. Cape Town is suffering from an extremely high crime rate. Cape Town can be a dangerous place. It is possible to enjoy a visit to this city if you avoid the more dangerous sections and don’t travel alone at night.

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s third-most populous state. Most popular tourist destination in Brazil, it’s worth focusing on here. Rio is actually safer than it was a decade ago, but street crimes are still common in many areas, especially at night.

6. Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Guatemala City is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala, and the most populous in Central America. has many tourist attractions, it’s a nation that is plagued with drug violence. It has a high murder rate and other common crimes include street robberies, bus holdups, and carjackings.

5. Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico

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Acapulco, is a city, municipality and major seaport in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 380 kilometers (240 mi) south of Mexico City. Acapulco City’s drug violence has now made this into a dangerous area. Recent statistics reveal that this city has one of the world’s highest murder rates -142 per 100,000 people.

4. Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

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Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. the second largest city in the Arab world, and the second largest city in Western Asia. Gunfire and other violent events are common in Iraq. This country has been on the “do not travel” list for Americans for many years and Baghdad remains a dangerous place. This is another war-torn country that is not likely to be safe anytime soon. it’s not a place that people should visit without a good reason.

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

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Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and its largest city. It has been one of the most dangerous cities in the world for some time. It is still a war zone, although U.S. troops are gradually being removed from the country. Kabul is facing a very uncertain future and will probably be a very dangerous place for the foreseeable future. Like Baghdad, Kabul is a city where violence can occur at any time.

2. Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi is the capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh. Karachi City Assassinations are common, as well as suicide bombings and gang warfare. Karachi is one of the centers of this violence and tourists are advised to avoid this city.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

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San Pedro Sula is the capital of Cortés Department, Honduras. This city has ranked as one of the world’s most violent for several years now. According to many sources, it has the highest homicide rates in the world -169 per 100,000 people. Arms trafficking is a big problem, and illegal firearms are prevalent throughout the city. This is a city that tourists would do well to avoid.