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Top 10 Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

Sports are not only a game, but it also gives the good physic and strong mentality for the players. And Volleyball Sport is one of them. Now here we listed the top 10 Hottest UAAP Volleyball Player. Mike Reyes is No 1 in our top 10 list, If you are looking for the Hottest UAAP Volleyball Player, the list is here let’s check it out.

Top 10 Hottest UAAP Volleyball Players

10. Kim Dy

Kim Dy

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One of the most beautiful, charming lady and elegant Volleyball players of the world named Kim DY is a middle hitter for De La Salle University volleyball team. This 20-year-old athlete is also the regular member of Philippines women’s national volleyball team. She is young, pretty and perfectly fit athletic. She is one of the most valuable players in the volleyball world. With some remarkable performances, she has made her presence firmly. Her beauty, slim and fit figure has made her fan base strong.

9. Jema Galanza

Jema Galanza

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Jessica Margarett “Jema” Galanza is a Filipino volleyball athlete player of the Adamson Lady Falcons Volleyball Team in the UAAP.  Galanza played for the Philippine women’s volleyball team that competed in the 2018 Asian Women’s Volleyball Cup held at Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

8. Princess Gaiser

Princess Gaiser

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Like her name, she really glows like a princess in the court. Her mesmerizing beauty and looks have listed her one of the beautiful volleyballers around the globe. She started her career as a libero for the University of the Philippines. She is regarded as having one of the cutest and beautiful faces among all the Volleyball players of her country. Princess Gaiser plays UP Lady Maroon team. The 5 feet and the 1-inch 20-year-old player currently studying Sports Science at the University. She is admired for her defensive aces in the court. With her cute, childish personality and growing game, she will definitely go to make something big.

7. Maddie Madayag

Maddie Madayag

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A Philippine volleyball player who has made a name for herself playing middle blocker for the back-to-back women’s volleyball champions for the Ateneo de Manila University varsity volleyball team.

6. Leuseht Dawis

Leuseht Dawis

This beautiful charming lady is not only one of the best Volleyball players of the Philippines but is also a mother of one child. But what makes her so alluring are the most beautiful curves gifted to her in all the right places. She made the best possible use of athletic figure and made a very strong comeback after her pregnancy. Is also known for some of them very characteristics shots she delivers inside the court.

5. Carmela Tunay

Carmela Tunay

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This beautiful lady is undoubtedly one of the most active and sensational of all figures in the history of the volleyball tournament. She has made quite a name for herself as a magnet that attracts a lot of people inside and outside the Taraflex court. She is one of the most inspiring players who has made a long line of newbie Volleyball player fans who consider her as no less than a role model.

4. Therese Gaston

Therese Gaston

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Therese Gaston is one of the soft-spoken and beautiful women among all of the Volleyball players in the tournament. She is especially admired for the combination of ultimate grace and intellect the make one of the most desirable sports people. Her soft wavy hair, glowing skin, and a very graceful smile have made her one of the most of the charming character. Gaston is an open skipper of Ateneo de Manila University Lady Eagles.

3. Amanda Villanueva

Amanda Villanueva

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She might be one of the most famous Volleyball players in the history of the tournament but what makes a very important in this list is her beautiful porcelain-like skin. She is one of the most welcome Volleyball players willing to lend a helping hand to anybody in the team. Another very interesting thing about this beautiful lady is that her facial expressions usually border around a gloomy sense of sensitivity that adds up to her charming looks.

2. Denden Lazaro

Denden Lazaro

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She is one of the best UAAP Volleyball players till date, and yet seems to be at almost the top of this list which implies alongside her duty which is very well maintained she has also worked hard enough to make herself one of the most skillful players of the game she plays and people like that are very rare to find.

1. Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes

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Mike Aereen Marcalinas Reyes is a beautiful Volleyball player who belongs to the Philippines. She was born on 21st June 1994 in Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines. She is considered as the top most beautiful volleyball player right now. Mike is a middle blocker. She is playing as a member as well as the captain of the women volleyball national team in the semi-professional league in the Philippines.

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