Top 10 Foods That Are Banned on American

America is Known as a Free Country. But hare many things are banned for do use. Here the list of Top 10 Foods That are Banned on American. Many foods that are customs in other countries are banned on the shelves of America. From larvae induced-cheese to killer fish, this list of foods are likely banned for a good reason.

Top 10 Foods That Are Banned on American

10. Sassafrass Oil

Sassafrass Oil ban in usa

Sassafras is a common plant too much of the USA. It is also the essential flavouring component in traditional root beer. It has been banned to Americans as it has been linked to being a major carcinogenic and can cause kidney and liver damage. Nowadays, an artificial flavouring is used in most root beers to try and replicate this flavour.

There you have it folks, a complete listing of things you cannot have! If you’re dying to get your hands on these items, you’ll have to make a trip overseas because consuming one of these products could either cause you to pay the time or end up in a hospital bed.

9. Ackee Fruit

Ackee Fruit ban in USA

Even though it’s the national fruit of nearby Jamaica, this fruit is illegal in the States. The fruit is safe to eat when properly boiled and prepared; however, if not, it can cause comatose or dead. This is due to the excessive levels of hypoglycin A and B. This deadly fruit can be very dangerous if not handled correctly, which is why the US decided to ban it.

8. Haggis

Haggis ban in usa

Haggis, a European custom, is illegal to import in the states as it contains sheep lungs. This ingredient is illegal in the states as it does not pass the FDA’s food safety regulations. However, all it takes is a quick hop over the pound to try out this strange food. If you’re sceptical, try it fried like Justin Bieber did.

7. Absinthe

Absinthe ban in usa

In 2007, a version of absinthe was made legal in the USA; however, it didn’t last long and is now illegal. The original recipe had an ingredient called thujone, which for absinthe is what caffeine is for coffee… essential. So, absinthe makes the list of banned foods as many are upset that the real European deal isn’t on US shelves.

6. Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs

Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs ban in usa

Ok, this one I’m a little upset about. I first discovered these fun-filled treats while on a family vacation in Mexico and hoarded 10 eggs across the border. These tasty treats are banned in the USA due to safety concerns. The chocolates contain small toys in the middle that could cause the little ones to choke. Any way we can put an 18+ restriction on this one? I’m desperate.

5. Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized Milk ban in usa

Ah, the raw milk debate. The states are split on whether or not milk is allowed to be sold unpasteurized. This is due to the concern of raw milk containing harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. However, laws are different for other dairy products made with raw milk such as cheese and yoghurt.

4. Japanese Puffer Fish

Japanese Puffer Fish ban in usa

This fish is illegal to catch, harvest, serve, or eat. Basically, the USA doesn’t want you near this little guy and for good reasons. This fish can literally kill you if it’s not prepared properly. This is due to the deadly amounts of tetrodotoxin in the fish, which can paralyze your body causing you to stop breathing. It doesn’t seem worth the sushi to me.

3. Shark Fins

Shark Fin Ban

Despite the portrayal of Jaws, sharks are actually a protected species and shark finning is very illegal. Unlike with horses, it is illegal to harvest this food and consume it. The practice of shark finning is a cruel process that includes finning the shark and throwing it back into the ocean. In China, however, shark fin soup is a common dish served before a meal.

2. Horse Meat

Horse Meat

Oddly enough, horse meat is not illegal to consume. However, it’s illegal to slaughter horses. Horse slaughterhouses aren’t big in the USA, but in other countries like South East Asian and Eastern countries (such as China and Japan), it is very normal.

1. Casu Marzu


This creamy cheese is a delicacy in other countries like Sardinia. However, it’s banned on USA land because of how it’s produced. According to some sources, it’s made by placing fly larvae into Pecorino cheese in order to speed up fermentation. The larvae hatch which makes the cheese a nice, creamy texture, however, you have to dive in before the maggots die… EEEK.

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