Saudi Arabia’s

10 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia’s

We have heard many times that Saudi Arabia is a unique country. Who follows his laws very seriously. That is why the government here has enacted such a strange law in its own country, which seems very strange to hear. Every country’s government creates laws for its countrymen, which is absolutely right to be seen. That is why the Saudi Arabian government has enacted some rules in their own country, who do not have the courage to break. So let’s start.

1. Saudi Arabia is ranked 4th in the world in terms of spending money on the army.

2. At present, 75% of the 100% people in Saudi Arabia are under 35 years of age. This means more people in Saudi Arabia have a younger population.

3. The accused of rap in Saudi Arabia is not punished until then when four pieces of rape are not recorded.

Rape-Crime-in-Saudi Arabia

4. Friends will be surprised to know that more than 95% of the Saudi Arabian country is desert.

Saudi Arabia’s desert

5. Saudi Arabia does not have a single river or lake.

6. People in Saudi Arabia also make sea water worth drinking.

7. Due to lack of water, the price of water is very high.

8. Almost you must know that there is cheap oil in Saudi Arabia. In this country, the highest oil is extracted from the whole world.

9. Here, the common man smoke 8 -dollar cigarettes almost every day.

Saudi Arabia’s smokers

10. Out of the 1000 people working in Saudi Arabia, 800 are foreigners.

Saudi Arabia’s workers